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I will guide you on your journey of self discovery, help you find clarity and address blockages of what holds you back. After your FREE discovery call, we will book an in depth reading, where with the help of Tarot, channeling and a deep dive into your issue I will design a program for you, where each session will be a transformative experience with homework and daily prompts to co-create the best version of you. 



ONLINE: Sessions are conducted over WhatsApp or Zoom from the comfort of your home. An introductory session is 90 minutes and each session after that is 1 hour long. It is recommended that we meet once a week for at least 8 weeks minimum. I offer payment plans and pay what you can programs for those without financial means.


Work: Abundance, career change, creativity, manifestation, entrepreneurship, souls mission, gift activation, money and creativity blocks
Personal: Souls mission, separation and divorce, fertility and pregnancy, grief and loss, plant medicine integration, raising intuitive children, relationships, sexuality, spiritual awakening, abandonment issues



  • Spell Casting

  • Clearing Karmic Ties

  • Past Life Regression

  • Connecting You to Your Guides

  • Journey For Ancestral Power

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Psilocybin Journeys

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