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Meet Halyna

Author / Intuitive Healer / Spiritual Guide

My name is Halyna and I have spent decades on my own personal growth and spiritual journey engaging in practices such as shamanism, wicca, channeling, plant medicine, yoga and study of the Tarot. Over the years, I have found my mission to guide souls that are brought to me towards healing, transformation and creating the life of their dreams.


I turned to spirituality when I was struggling with drug addictions, eating disorders and insecurities in the years when I was working as a young model and later in life it helped me get through challenges of fertility, motherhood, marriage, separation, loss of identity and reclaiming my power.


I have relied on my spiritual practices in my work and in getting to where I am today. With the help of accessing other realms and tapping into the universal consciousness I was able to birth and channel multiple successful projects into life and I want to help you do the same!


Today I am a creator and best selling author with over 500,000 copies sold of multiple games on Amazon that foster a soul to soul connection in various settings – for couples, for families, for therapists, for schools, for offices, etc, a co owner of Artagia Inc. – an international games brand, a co creator of Kama Movement, an exercise program for women targeting the sexual core and unleashing the inner goddess and am in the process of writing my second book – a spiritual memoir.


My calling is to help you on your path, whether it is to bring more vibrancy to your work or personal life, help you on your spiritual journey, hold your hand through rights of passage and initiations, I am here for you! Together we can awaken the creator within you, transmute your pain into light, and co-create a life where you live in alignment with your soul’s purpose!


How to work with me?

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Retreats and Events

Tarot Guidance


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