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1:1 Sessions

Join Halyna on a transformative path of self-discovery,  empowerment and healing. Halyna’s unique ability to channel messages from the divine will help transform your life and gain answers and clarity in dealing with life’s challenges.

Zoom sessions are 60 and 90 minutes long. The initial introductory session is 90 minutes in-depth exploration, providing a spacious and supportive environment to thoroughly discuss your goals, concerns and obstacles ensuring a comprehensive understanding and a solid foundation for our work together.

After the initial session you can choose the length of commitment you feel the most comfortable with, although a minimum of 8 weeks is recommended to achieve transformative results. The program is uniquely designed for you based on your specific needs and is a combination of channelled wisdom, conscious coaching and subconscious reprogramming facilitated through meditative states, enabling profound shifts and lasting transformation.

  • Available Online

    30 min

  • Available Online

    1 hr 30 min

    140 U.S. dollars
  • Available Online

    1 hr

    750 U.S. dollars

Tarot Readings

Insight Express

Unlock Instant Insights with The Insight Express!

This mini-reading is ideal for:
- Answering a specific question
- Understanding the energy of a situation
- Gaining general insight into your current circumstances, how you got here and what’s the best way forward.


The full process takes 20 minutes as I clear the space, tune into your energy, connect to my guides and then draw as many cards as guided and tap into my intuition to bring you a personalized message.


Let's explore in depth a specific area of your life, such as love, business, career, or family, and uncover the insights you need to move forward. You'll provide three questions, and I'll create a customized tarot card spread tailored to your situation.


This in-depth, one-hour reading will reveal:
- Current energies and opportunities
- Blocks and challenges
- Strategies to overcome them
- Potential outcomes

After clearing the space, I meditate to connect with my guides and provide a detailed understanding of your situation to help you manifest your desires. The full process takes 45 minutes.

A Year Ahead

Unlock Your Potential and Navigate Your Year with Confidence!

Feeling uncertain about your direction, purpose, and progress towards your dream life? An in depth look into the upcoming year can help discover new perspectives and illuminate your journey ahead.


- Insights into the changes ahead and how to navigate them
- Hidden blocks holding you back and how to overcome them
- Emerging opportunities and how to seize them
- Your true purpose and potential
In this reading, we'll explore:
- How you arrived at your current crossroads
- The paths of potential for aligned growth and transformation

The full process takes 1.5 hours – as I clear the space, tune into you, connect to my guides and intuitively design a custom spread to best serve your situation.

Tarot section
  • Available Online

    20 min

    30 U.S. dollars
  • Available Online

    45 min

    60 U.S. dollars
  • Available Online

    1 hr 15 min

    90 U.S. dollars

Additional Services

Aditional Services

Spell Сasting

As a dedicated wiccan practitioner, commonly known as a witch, I offer spell casting services that harness the power of white magic to manifest positive change in your life. Guided by the principles of “free will” and “harm none”, I ethically craft spells that promote abundance, protection and love, never manipulating the will of others or causing harm. My spell work  is designed to attract and amplify the energies you desire, fostering a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Clearing Karmic Ties

Ready to release the past and break free from lingering energies? Ever wonder why you can’t get over someone months or years after the breakup, feeling as if they trapped a part of your soul. My cord cutting service is a powerful, ritualistic process that severs karmic ties and clears the energetic cords binding you to past lovers. This transformative experience allows you to let go of emotional baggage, liberate your heart, and reclaim your energy. Through a safe and sacred ceremony, we’ll lovingly release the old to make way for the new, empowering you to step into a brighter, more fulfilling chapter of your life – free from the weights of yesterday’s love.

Past Life Regression

Unlock the secrets of your soul’s journey with past life regression. This transformative experience will guide you through a deep, meditative state to access and explore memories from past lives, revealing hidden patterns, unresolved issues and untapped potential. By uncovering and releasing ancient wounds and beliefs, you’ll break free from cycles of karma and awaken to a deeper understanding of your purpose, passions, and life’s mysteries. Embrace the wisdom of your eternal soul and discover how past life experiences shape your present – and future.

Connecting You to Your Guides

Are you ready to meet your divine support team? Through shamanic techniques, I'll guide you on a profound journey to connect with your spirit guides, accessing other realms to discover your powerful spirit animals in the Lower World and ascended master teachers in the Upper World. Everyone has a unique divine council of beings dedicated to helping them in this lifetime, and it's time to meet yours! Together, we'll bridge the realms and facilitate a connection with your guides, revealing their wisdom and unwavering support, so you will never have to feel alone again. Plus you will learn how to invoke their presence in daily life and cultivate a strong lasting relationship, empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and grace.

Journey For Ancestral Power

Embark on a profound journey to connect with the wisdom and power of your ancestors! Reclaim your lineage's strength and resilience, identify and break free from inherited patterns and blocks (Mother and Father blocks), and tap into the guidance and support of your ancestral guides. By connecting with your ancestors, you'll practice forgiveness and release, enhance your sense of belonging and purpose, receive ancient wisdom and guidance for modern challenges and feel empowered and grounded on your life's path.

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing Session is a gentle and compassionate journey designed to nurture and repair the wounds of your inner child. Through a combination of guided meditation, visualization, hands on reiki healing and energetic techniques, we'll create a safe and nurturing environment for your inner child to express themselves, release stored emotions, and receive the love and validation they've been craving. By acknowledging and honoring your inner child's experiences, we'll work to dissolve the emotional scars of the past, restore innocence and wonder, and reintegrate their playful, curious, and creative essence into your adult life.

Psilocybin Journeys

Embark on a sacred psilocybin journey steeped in ancient traditions, where you will be guided into deep meditation, enveloped by the healing sounds of medicine music, and receive a shamanic cleanse known as "limpiar." This ceremonial practice involves the use of herbs and feathers to cleanse your energy field, removing negative influences and restoring balance. You have the option to microdose for subtle insights and enhanced creativity, or undertake a full journey for profound spiritual exploration and emotional healing. Participants often experience a heightened sense of clarity, deep inner peace, and a transformative connection to the natural world. The duration of the journey is 6 hours and includes the altar setup, cleansing of the space, intention setting, curated music to activate the medicine and post ceremony integration. Individual, couples and group bookings are available.

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