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Start Your Journey Of Self-Discovery And Healing!

Welcome! I AM Halyna Aganov

I am a creator, an intuitive healer, author, spiritual guide, mother, mystic,
and transformation facilitator.  
My purpose is guiding individuals on their journey to fulfill their highest potential and transmuting their pain into light.
Are you looking to change your life, receive guidance on your path and step into your power? You have come to the right place. Many of us live lives that are void of colour and flavour, stuck in patterns and loops that don’t seem to end, feel confused about their choices and don’t know where to turn. I have been there and I am here to assist you on your journey.
My transformative work consists of various modalities such as Tarot, coaching, channeling, deep states of altered consciousness, past life regression, automatic writing, mindfulness practices, yoga, shamanism and white magic. Through experience, intuitive insights and divine guidance I help individuals receive answers, reconnect with their creative energy and align with their highest frequency and soul’s purpose.
My work has been recognized in the media such as Fox News, Good Day LA, The Doctors Show, NBC, and has been featured in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Elle Canada, Cosmopolitan and many more.

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Meet Halyna

Author / Intuitive Healer  / Spiritual Guide

My name is Halyna and I have spent decades on my own personal growth and spiritual journey, engaging in practices such as shamanism, wicca, channeling, plant medicine, yoga and study of the Tarot. Over the years, I have found my mission to guide souls that are brought to me towards healing, transformation and creating the life of their dreams.

I turned to spirituality when I was struggling with drug addictions, eating disorders and insecurities in the years when I was working as a young model and later in life it helped me get through challenges of fertility, motherhood, marriage, separation, loss of identity and reclaiming my power.


"Healing lives in the unconditional love of both sides of your soul - the dark and the light."

“The tarot session with Halyna was pure magic. The cards have shown me the parts of myself that I was denying and made me see my struggling relationship from a new angle. The story that I was told was so accurate that I had goosebumps and the advice from the cards eventually led me to make the right decision of ending things. I am now in a new thriving relationship.”


“You are truly gifted, filled with light and wisdom that shines through every word you say. Just being in your presence made me feel held, safe and heard. My reading made me feel complete and every word resonated. I am grateful for you and strongly recommend!”

- Ali

“Thank you so much Halyna for such a deep shamanic journey, as I think of the experience and the messages I received tears of joy come. By connecting to the animal spirit I connected to myself and this experience helped me to except myself and my painful past. I also received deeper meaning that put a peace to my fears of death at least for now. Thank you”

- Elena

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